Governor Brown signs key Cannabis legislation

Governor Brown signed AB2516 (Wood) and AB2679 (Cooley) today.  The cottage industry bill was a welcome piece of legislation to protect the small farmer and the manufacturing legislation will clear the way to decriminalizing  closed loop solvent based systems.   I was fortunate to be able to help with AB2679.

Author: fescbelliott

I have spent over forty years as a career firefighter and fire chief. After retiring as fire chief in northern Sonoma County in 2011, I began expanding my consulting work to private and public clients. Fire and Emergency Services Consulting (FESC) now has a Cannabis division, CannaCodeCompliance (CCC). Working with the Cannabis industry has been rewarding and challenging. FESC partners and employees are highly skilled compliance experts who exhibit a non-threatening approach to what we do. We are excited to be helping improve safety and compliance standards for the industry to protect employers, employees, the public and first responders. FESC-CCC also offers public affairs relations with government staff and elected officials.

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