City of Santa Rosa welcomes Cannabis company from Seattle, WA.

As a clear sign that times are changing, the City is opening its arms to Privateer Holdings, a Seattle Based Investment Company, to manufacture medical cannabis products here in town.  Wait a second, didn’t the City just seize Care By Designs medicine, equipment and cash at the Care By Design Guild facility (which was approved by the planning department) only blocks from the proposed Privateer Holdings site?  No charges of criminality were filed but they kept all their (CBD GUILD) equipment and all their cash, cleaned the place out…and now the City is encouraging an out of state competitor to open shop?  I am confused.

Author: fescbelliott

I have spent over forty years as a career firefighter and fire chief. After retiring as fire chief in northern Sonoma County in 2011, I began expanding my consulting work to private and public clients. Fire and Emergency Services Consulting (FESC) now has a Cannabis division, CannaCodeCompliance (CCC). Working with the Cannabis industry has been rewarding and challenging. FESC partners and employees are highly skilled compliance experts who exhibit a non-threatening approach to what we do. We are excited to be helping improve safety and compliance standards for the industry to protect employers, employees, the public and first responders. FESC-CCC also offers public affairs relations with government staff and elected officials.

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